Tour Date: May 25-29-2019

Belize, known as the “Jewel of the Caribbean,” is one of Mother Nature’s best-kept secrets on Central America’s tropical Caribbean coast. West of the Yucatan Peninsula, bordering Mexico and Guatemala, you will find Belize is a mosaic of Maya, Garifuna, Creole and British culture. The geography of Belize includes tropical rainforests teeming with exotic endemic species, the world’s second largest barrier reef, Mesoamerican Mayan archaeological sites, and internationally lauded tropical wildlife sanctuaries.

Immerse yourself in an all inclusive adventure package for five  days and four nights of exhilarating exploration.



Rooms are double occupancy. We may have a limited number of private rooms (for an additional fee). First meal of the day is dinner on the date of arrival and all meals daily thereafter except on the date of departure, only breakfast is served. Breakfast is served at 7am, departures are at 8am daily.


Hotels include:




INCLUDED Guides, meals, transfers, inland transportation, tours, activity gear, lodging, tax charges.  Personalized Wild Belize Adventures and Tours travel kit. Tour schedule is subject to change due to in-climate weather conditions.
NOT INCLUDED  Airfare, Gratuity, Alcohol



DAY 1:
Upon arrival, transportation is provided to your accommodations. Here you can settle in and spend the afternoon on a journey of discovery through the villages of Carmelita and Orange Walk including a visit to a medical herb farm. The day culminates with a welcoming reception dinner of scrumptious native dishes, and local wine tasting.
DAY 2:
The day begins with spectacular sightseeing, and the opportunity to relax while being transported by boat up the New River to the days destination. Your expedition begins through dense tropical rainforest, filled with fauna such as Spider monkeys, colorful fowl, and fresh water crocks, as well as overhanging flora, including extraordinary orchids. Lamanai, submerged crocodile in Maya, and once a significant city of the Mayan civilization, is host to a Mesoamerican archaeological site. The location includes an onsite museum containing Mayan artifacts. Among the  ruins are the Jaguar Temple and a 125-foot climb to the top of the Lag Temples. The top landing provides a stunning view of the surrounding landscape. Lunch is provided in Lamanai. Dinner is provided upon return to the village of Carmelita.
DAY 3:

Following breakfast, you will head out to the town of San Ignacio on the west bank of the Macal River. From here, you are off to a day of breathtaking zip-lining, 500 ft. above the Belizean tropical canopy and followed by relaxing cave tubing through a wondrous collection of stalactites and stalagmites! Rounding out the day is an exploration through an ancient Mayan ceremonial cave. St. Herman’s cave provides a peek into the religious underworld of the Mayan civilization. Evening return to the village of Burrell Boom for lodging and dinner.

DAY 4:

Morning transport to Belize City, followed by a boat ride, takes you to the Caye (key) of San Pedro. Beach activities are the headliner for the day. This Caribbean Sea adventure includes snorkeling, feeding tarpons and visiting Seahorses in the warm, placid, crystal clear waters, provided by the barrier reef. Amazingly diverse marine life, full of colorful tropical fish and stunning coral will be the backdrop of this aquatic escapade. The night will be spent in the town of San Pedro, and post-dinner activities include the Caye nightlife.

DAY 5:

Following  a farewell breakfast in San Pedro, you will be transported to the mainland airport for departure.

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